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July 19, 2012
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Comment here to sign up! You can sign up with a partner of your choice or you can get randomized for a partner, partners will be announced on July 27. You must have an ID card uploaded to participate since this is a mission.

PLEASE DON'T START UNTIL JULY 27TH, there's more than whats been explained here which will be revealed then ;]

Thanks wiki for letting me run this~~* 7*/


Your character will obtain:
Badge: +1
Reward: +5,000$ paycheck


Art Style: depends on what suits you [chibi or normal]

Deadline: August 31

Art Quality: sketch is fine

Picture type: comic

What you have to do:
For now, head to the marked area for further instructions.

Teams of: 2



size: Massive




if you have any questions just ask here

ost (c) Darkness-Shoji Meguro-Persona 3 Fes Original Soundtrack

map (c)

Mission Location: Off the coast, supposed enemy territory

partners update:
[1] *Rehmiel - Beowulf with *looooooooooooooooosh - Antinaine
[2] *Lo-wah - Ty with *zearyu - Yang
[3] *mellymerry - Launo with ~Piece5113 - Haiden
[4] ~moosmic - Lucas with *dr-jiin - Lang
[5] ~Ronoia - Xander with *RabuRabbit - Gyltisyn
[6] *Shilloshilloh - Comma with ~ReigKnight - Eliash
[7] *ameru - Clover with ~paper-hero - Asher
[8] *hikachuuu - Miya with *Minakuu - Liam
[9] *judaru - Trois with *deathALICE - Judgement
[10] ~NyanBroski - Shouta with ~KohiChapeau - Phillips
[11] =perirowinque - Subaki with ~Royeuse - Toulouse
[12] ~seiracchi - Dorian with *aeriim - Lia
[13] ~neurzero - Heinz with *minevi - Anaheim
[14] ~shiroisuisei - Odero with ~ShuryouGospel13 - Charles
[15] ~yuina-chan - Theodore with *rhymebox - Lethe
[16] ~kouhan - Leon with *khzu - Nier
[17] ~zerodollar - Axis with *KaiiKaii - Azrael
[18] =saino - Haine with *aeonmama - Eucharine
[19] ~twitchhhh - Conrad with *KanKung - Xenon
[20] ~pancake-waddle - Juke with *riingo - Toxy
[21] *mazuchi - Mei with ~Yuuba - Ritz
[22] ~kiako - Buddha with =3896 - Dahlia
[23] ~GarnetQuyenDinh - Kelvin with *f-wd - Fynn
[24] *CelestialValkyrie - Matheus with ~suga-ovadose - Dietrich

Randomizer List
[1] =Vixii - ELI
[2] ~Arisu--Chan - Ryuu
[3] ~hama-chama - Vonni
[4] *LilChiisai - Crucis
[5] ~Hakiru - Rhyse
[6] ~homophones - Meighan

How Team RP/collab Works (taken mostly from mission001:

1. Its better to talk to the other party member then making your own separate comic since we don't want two different side story from both sides after all this is about teamwork.

2. Here is a couple of suggestions how you can Teamwork in this:

a) a normal collab where one side draw and the other side color.
b) do a connect comic as in comic rp where each one draw a page to reply on the other to get to the point or planned and divide comic pages work between the two of you.
c) you can try tegaki or some site like that to start the RP and to reply to each other RP's in a panel way.
d) you can just note each other to have your rp then draw it out between you guys.

3. Please be Friendly with each other and have fun in rping, no harm in adding some humor in the comic.

Other questions?(also mostly taken from mission001)

what if my character never met the other character?
its Simple you can get them to meet each other now, they don't have to pretend to know each other.

What if the other party member still doesn't have their CS up yet?
That's ok they can show you their character ref and tell you about about him/her then, but they must have a ID card up or they can't participate.

What if the other party member didn't cooperate and did their own comic?
We all knew this was going to be a team work comic and its not allowed to have your own way around. They'll count in the punishment list.

What if we had a reason to do our own comic side instead of Collab?
Please note me of the reason before doing that.

Would it be ok if we used our own imagination on how the facility looks like?
Of course! Anything I didn't give specifications on I'm leaving to your imagination.

Do we have to wear masks for this mission?
Since this mission is outside LoXHQ it would be right to wear your mask--unless your character for some reason chooses not to
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homophones Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Student General Artist
--HI LET MEIGHAN IN PLEASE? *falls over*

I just uploaded my app and ID card so I could participate in this sob

Is there anybody else who doesn't have a partner yet though |||orz
zearyu Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOLOL YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO MAKE YOUR CS TO MAKE YOUR ID ACTUALLY-- but okay adding you into the randomization list :la::la:! You can take a look at that if you likee~~
CelestialValkyrie Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
wah oh gosh, decided to give it a try;;

me with ~suga-ovadose

thank youu!
zearyu Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AAAAA can't wait to see this teammm *7*!!!! added you both in ehehehe///
CelestialValkyrie Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Can't wait to see yours too!///-how to comicOTL-
Thank you again!
GarnetQuyenDinh Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
um um sign up for Kelvin and *f-wd's Fynn please, thank you
zearyu Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
BWUHH SIGNED YOU GUYS UPPP thought kelvin and fynn team wasn't going to show up ; 7;
kiako Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:icon3896: and I are signing up together as Dahlia and Buddha 8'D
zearyu Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Put you guys downnnn
LilChiisai Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
Hiiii Zeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa * 7 *.....<3 add me pleaaase and :iconlazycryplz:
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